Air-cooled engines have gained a tradition because of its effectiveness in multiple types of vehicles. Presently we still can find many parts and special parts for air-cooled engines all over the world. Why is it so? Probably because of simplicity, dependability and lightness. 

Brazil has a long tradition in manufacturing vehicles using air-cooled engines and for so has developed a large industry to support this type of automobile and has gained a lot of experience in preparing those engines for Motor Racing. Brazil has also produced the best replicas using air-cooled engines especially the auto Porsche replica series 356 A & C  and 550. 

Air-cooled engines have propelled two Brazilian Formula One World Champions, one twice champion the second three times Formula One World Champion and many others who ranked high in international  Motor Racing. The end result again is that we acquired a vast know-how and development all along almost fifty years improving Professor Porsche and Ferry Porsche original racing car dream and light sports cars. 

"Time Deepens The Wonder"

Tillie Olsen